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Best Task Manager Applications For Android Phones

Best Task Manager Applications For Android Phones

The task manager application can be synonymous with task killer.This is the main task of its done.Many applications run in the background of our Android Phone.Although few of these systems are essential for operating systems, many social media  and navigation applications are heavy battery consumers.Because of this, people often face problems such as short battery life. This may in itself be one of the worst things that can happen in a cell phone because most of the communication is is done through it today.You may also like Best Video and Audio Media Player For Android.
Best Task Manager Application For Android Phones

1. Greenify:

Flush the battery eating app hidden in your smartphone. Using Greenify, delete these cache files and make your phone run faster.This application creates works good on old and new devices both.It puts applications that take up a lot of battery life and hoard memory into hibernation. People can classify between hibernating regular apps and long-time apps (such as alarm clocks or date and time calendars). This is the necessary task manager application for Android smartphones.
greenify task manager app for android

2. Advanced Task Killer:

Advanced Task Killer is the best Android task manager application.It can make the phone work faster, increase the life of the smartphone battery, and even clear the cache. With its "ignore list", you can choose which applications you need to kill or which can be exempted. Similarly, we can save a lot of battery power by one click. 'Automatic killing' is the perfect shortcut to complete the main settings of task manager for android in this application.
advanced task killer app for android

3. ES Task Manager:

ES Task Manager is one of the best task manager applications in all Android. It allows the user to sort the running applications and sort them in a separate list according to their preferences. Ignoring the application does not require restarting to access its data. With this application user can free memory and space by easily clearing the cache.By this you can increase the speed of the device.
es task manager for android