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Best Internet Browser For Windows and Android

Best Internet Browser For Windows

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is best internet browser to use internet.It was developed by Google.It was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2008 but now it is available for Linux , macOS , iOS and android.It is very fast working internet browser.It is highly secured.You can customize it by installing different extensions.Google Chrome has a very simple user interface and it user friendly browser.With thumbnails of your top website you can access your favorite sites quickly in new tab.You can also create desktop shortcut to directly access the specific web this browser it is very easy to delete your browsing history.You may also like Download Managers for Windows.
Best Internet Browser For Windows

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another amazing internet browser with beautiful layout and design.It is 2x faster than other browsers.It use 30% less memory than chrome and opera etc.It is available for Windows iOS and was first launched in 2004.Key features of firefox are simple user interface , strong security capabilities and its browsing speed.User can view different website in different new tabs easily.You can also install different add-ons according to your need.It is full featured browser.It has different good features like pop up blocking and integrated Google , Yahoo and Bing search option.It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Best Internet Browser For Windows

3. Opera

Opera for Windows computer provides you with a fast, efficient and personalized way to browse the web.It is freeware software.It is developed by Opera Software AS.It is initially released in 1995. It comes with a sleek interface, customize able speed dial, and discovery features that helps you find new web content, data saved in Opera Turbo mode, visual bookmarks, and over 1,000 extensions. Do more online on a fast browser! Click the Free Download button and you can download the Opera offline installer from our website.Speed dial , re opening recent closed pages and pop-up blocking are its key features.

4. UC Browser

Uc browser is also a best internet browser available for windows , iOS , android and java.It is chromium based browser.It has some unique features like speed boost , video grabber and pop-up blocker.With speed boost option it can load the website very fast and quickly.Video grabber is ability of this browser to download videos from different website with one click.User can also view video in separate tab while browsing in UC browser.
Best Internet Browser For Windows